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Calm - Essential Oil Blend

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Calm blend is made with only the highest quality essential oils, ensuring that you receive the full benefits of their therapeutic properties. Enjoy the calming effects of this aromatherapy blend and create a sanctuary of peace and relaxation in your own home. 

Properties and benefits:
● Made with 100% pure, undiluted therapeutic essential oils.
● Safe to diffuse around children.
● Dominating scent is lavender, with woodsy grounding notes
● The oils in this blend have sedative, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties.

Suggested uses:

● Add 4-5 drops in your diffuser to create a peaceful, serene atmosphere in any room
● Add 6 to 12 drops in 1 oz/30 ml of carrier oil to make a relaxing massage oil
● Add 1 drop to an aromatherapy bracelet and enjoy the scent on the go
● Add 1-2 drops to a carrier oil or a liquid soap and add to your bath