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Breathe - Essential Oil Blend

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Breathe easy with our invigorating and refreshing essential oil blend, named Breathe!  Formulated with a powerful combination of essential oils, this blend offers great respiratory support. Give your body the opportunity to heal itself with the use of natural aromatherapy remedies.
The fresh and cooling scent of eucalyptus, combined with the bright and citrusy aroma of lemongrass, provides a rejuvenating and uplifting experience. The amazing strong scent of ravintsara complements the earthy and balsamic fragrance of black spruce to create a balanced blend that is both grounding and energizing. To complete the blend, we've added the cleansing and purifying scent of tea tree oil.
This therapeutic grade blend is perfect for use in a diffuser if you're looking for respiratory support or want to help clean the air in your home when someone is sick. 

Features and Benefits:
● Made with 100% pure, undiluted therapeutic essential oils.
● Provides respiratory support when you have seasonal allergies, a cold, or simply need to breathe better
● Helps purify the air in the room
● Grounding effects on body and mind
● Cool, refreshing medicinal aroma, with eucalyptus as dominating scent
● The oils in this blend support the body’s defense mechanisms
● High 1.8 cineole content helps ease congestion

Suggested Uses:
● Add 4-5 drops in your diffuser when you need some respiratory support or simply to clear the air in your house when someone is sick
● Add 1 drop to a boiling water bowl and  inhale the steam
● Add 1 drop to the floor of your shower right where the water is falling and inhale the aroma coming with the shower steam
● Add 3-4 drops to a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the oil on your chest or back
● Add 1 drop to an aromatherapy bracelet and enjoy the scent on the go.