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Solid Dish Soap

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Our beloved vegan liquid dish soap is made into hard soap + cut into large bars! This 8-ounce solid dish soap cuts through the grease and dirt so you can clean your dishes without worrying about what's left behind on those dishes. Pairs perfectly with our pot scrub brush (sold separately).

Unscented and cruelty-free, the Solid Dish Soap can be used in other areas of the house (laundry stains, taking labels off jars, cleaning the stove, etc.). Any place you'd use our liquid castile soap you can use the solid version as well.

8 ounces by weight

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (saponified olive oil)

100% Vegan and Cruelty-free | Biodegradable and Septic-safe | Free of any synthetic ingredients

To use: Pair with an eco-friendly brush or scrubby to apply to your dishes (we love sisal scrubbies!). Re-lather as needed. Be sure to use a slotted soap dish for optimal use.