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Lack of Brick Pet Series Absorbent Ceramic Three-Dimensional Coaster

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Fur kids on the vintage tiles show their most lovely side. How much comfort they will bring! How can we see him glances! Give yourself, so beloved it appears in different places, whether at home or in the office or out of the original Indian Tainan intimate solution your thoughts of love! Give family and friends, so that everyone can also see the charm of fur kids, to share the feeling of being melted.
Who are the pets on the tiles?

| Features |
Using special printing technology, each coaster has a different embossed surface, three-dimensional full!
Good ceramic water absorption, coasters on the back of the three-dimensional non-slip mat to avoid sliding, dry water rinse can be reused

| Specifications |
Diameter 11cm thickness of about 0.7cm
Water-absorbing ceramic