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Aromatherapy Roll-ons

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The Aromatherapy Rollers are pre-diluted and ready to use on the skin.
Essential oils roll-on perfumes are a healthy alternative to regular perfumes, without all the toxic ingredients.
Choose from three available scents:

JASMINE: Imagine being transported to a garden full of blooming jasmine flowers. In addition to this heavenly scent, jasmine also has therapeutic benefits and is known to promote tranquility and uplift your mood. 

VANILLA: This luxurious roller is infused with the irresistible sweet and comforting scent of vanilla. In addition to a beautiful scent, vanilla is also calming and a lot of people like to apply a little bit on their wrists just before going to bed. Inhale as you go to sleep.

CALM: This roller has a lavender scent and is more commonly used for stress relief or before a yoga/meditation practice.  Refreshing and soothing scent.

Suggested Uses:

● Use Jasmine for romance, tranquility, and to uplift your mood

● Use Vanilla for calming and as a bug repellent.

● Use Calm for stress relief or before a yoga/meditation practice.

All scents provide general well-being.